Newsletter No. 6

Newsletter No. 6

Snipe Fleet #24 Santa Monica Bay
News Update


race_dayFrom Ted Wells, Scientific Sailboat Racing 1958 edition, Dodd, Mead & Company

snipe red  Time to Celebrate !

Snipe Fleet 24 is celebrating its first birthday since reactivation.
What started with just one Snipe has grown to 7 boats in less of a year.

We have assembled a remarkable collection of boats ranging from the 30’s to the 80’s. Some of these boats represent a significant part of our local Snipe history.

Here they are!

#1953              Built 1936, by Francis Schwander
#3543              Built 1939, by Lou Varalyay
#10948            Built 1953, by Clark Boatworks
#12521            Built 1963, by Alfred Kirch
# Unknown      Plywood Snipe approx. 60’s
# 12415           Built 1968 by Varalyay Boatworks
# 25911           Built 1984 by McLaughlin Boatworks

#25911 is the only fiberglass Snipe so far and needs a few companions.

Finally, summer and vacations are over, time to get back to work on those Snipes in garages and driveways, so we see them back on the water.
Let’s sharpen the tools and get the boats ready to race. Motivate others to join the fleet, there are plenty of good boats out there, let’s go and get them!

Meet our Committee Boat

committe boat

Over the summer work progressed on a classic wooden skiff which will serve us well as our own committee boat whenever needed. She has classic lines and plenty of mahogany. She is ready to row and sail and with the addition of a little engine will make a fine chase boat.

See you on the water!

Your Snipe Fleet #24 Fleet Captain


You can donate to the fleet.
Make checks payable to Snipe Fleet 24 and mail to SCCYC 13445 Mindanao Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.


Available Boats

There are plenty of really interesting classic Snipes available to new homes. Some of these boats are not listed anywhere, please contact me if you consider to acquire a classic wooden Snipe, or know someone who would.

One very interesting Snipe on offer was built for the 1961 Nationals, sailed once in the competition, and was thereafter stored in a boathouse where she still resides. This sounds like the rare occasion to actually find a mint classic Snipe. Location East Coast.
At the same location there are also two more Snipes which are available, one from the 30’s the other from the 40’s, all stored in boathouses. Contact me for details.


What is believed to be the first plywood Snipe ever registered with SCIRA is available in Florida, this boat is advertised on the SCIRA USA website.

There is also currently a 1955 Emmons listed with SCIRA.

Word has reached me that there is a 60’s wooden Varalyay in very good condition stored in Northern California and that a transfer to a good home could be negotiated with the current owner. Contact me for details.

A 1960’s Snipe just got listed in Santa Barbera

A beautiful restored Emmons is listed in Seattle