Snipe # 10948, 1958

Snipe # 10948, 1958

As of August 2018,  Snipe #10948  has a new owner. Warm welcome the new owner and can’t wait to see Snipe #10928 on the water.

As of July 2016, our fleet boat #10948 is for sale. Snipe # 10948 went through a complete professional restoration and was raced in the 1st Marina Del Rey Wooden Dinghy Race in 2015.

This is your chance to own one of these unique handcrafted vessels and become part of the Fleet 24 community.

For more details, please contact



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Marina del Rey 1st Wooden Dinghy Race, 2015

Photo Credit: Rick Horner Photography

Minnie 4

Minnie 1

Minnie 3

Minnie 2

Photo Credit: Theresa Manning

Summer 2014
Restoration in progress

Photo Credit: Iris Lee
Varnished Deck

New hull

Cleaning Hardware

Spring 2014
Restoration in progress

Photo Credit: Theresa Manning

Raw Deck

Snipe WIP