Snipe # 3244, 1939

Snipe # 3244, 1939

Snipe # 3244 in Marina del Rey 3rd Wooden Dinghy Race, July 2016.

Photo Credit: Madoka Hamlin Photography


Snipe # 3244 in Marina del Rey 1st Wooden Dinghy Race, July 2015.

Photo Credit: Rick Horner Photography
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Snipe #3244 now has her new Guardian. She has arrived at her new home in Marina Del Rey, California three weeks ago from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was built in Santa Monica by the Douglas Aircraft Snipe Builders in 1939 and is one of the only two surviving boats from the Douglas Aircraft Snipe Builders. The story been told is that the Douglas Aircraft Snipe Builders had access to the best wood, because it was originally delivered for aircraft construction. There is still some work left on the completion of the restoration of #3244, but we hope to see her on the water very soon.

Sept. 2014

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Snipe # 3244
Douglas Aircraft Snipe Builders
Snipe #3244 RPhoto Credit: Iris Lee