Newsletter No. 1

Newsletter No. 1

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection


Friends and supporters of the fleet


We are getting a lot of support and attention

The magazine US Snipe Sailor, the official US Snipe magazine wants to publish an article about our efforts reviving the fleet, hoping to inspire other fleet revivals.
See below excerpts from the Editors e-mail

“I am the new Administrator for the Snipe Class and Publisher/Editor of US Snipe Sailor.

I am working on the next issue of the magazine and thought your effort would be nice to feature. Would you like to write a few paragraphs on your concept and how you are going about it, and perhaps send a photo of your boat? I think it would stimulate similar interest elsewhere in the country.”

I hope the article brings also local Snipe sailors and boats out of the woods willing to join our fleet. If someone takes photos on Fridays race let me know,  I need some of the Snipe for the article.
By the way, this will probably be the first race for my Snipe since the late 60’s.


I went to San Diego last weekend to see the1958 wooden Snipe sitting at the Mission Bay Yacht Club, the boat just got re-listed on Craigslist.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when entering the dinghy lot, Snipe after Snipe, there must been at least 50 of them, the only other Dinghies a saw was a few Vanguards stacked away in a corner, probably for training, this is Snipe Headquarters.

The boat is a very solid build boat in almost original condition. Most of the hardware has been replaced with new blocks, but it still has the original bronze main sheet block, mounted on the boom and the bronze jib sheet snubbing winch on the centerboard. We found the number on the keel #10948. The boat was built by Clark Boatworks in Redwood City, Ca. The interior is clear varnished and still looks very good. The deck has suffered exposure to weather including top plywood layer peeling and varnish weathered off, the mast has lost its luster from the cover up and needs varnish. The boat could be back in the water in a couple of weekends. Good trailer, comes with cover, sails are North Sails from another boat.

We haven’t found a measurement record so far and I contacted the San Diego fleet measurer to find out if it could still be measured and what it would take.
Below a few pictures and link.

The 1948 mahagony Snipe in Long Beach is back on Craigslist as well. So far we could not find the number of the boat. The hull needs to be stripped and it needs sails according to the current owner.
I also got news about a 1932 Snipe which might be available in San Diego, we can try to contact the owner if anybody is interested.

Please contact me if you look for more information.

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